IELTS v/s CAEL which exam is better to study in Canada?

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IELTS vs CAEL it’s the toughest choice for the aspirants who wants to study abroad especially in Canada. Both are based on the English language only. So one should make mind either to go for IELTS or CAEL.

Basically the difference is that CAEL is accepted only study in Canada while IELTS is recognized by universities all around the world. And the IELTS has an expiration date of 2 years while CAEL has no expiration date it also depends on one’s document also.

CAEL is developed in Canada only and is recognized by 190 academic institutions. It is approximately 3.5 hours long and it is topic-based. It has five sections which tend to test the language skill more than IELTS. The five-section are listed below that comes in IELTS exam

Ø  Speaking + Stand alone.

Ø  Speaking + Listening.

Ø  Speaking + Reading.

Ø  Long Reading + Long Listening + Short Writing.

Ø  Long Reading + Long Listening.

IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) is the test of an English language and is given by the people who are interested in working or studying where English is used as a medium of communication. It is basically a nine-band scale which is used to test the proficiency.

It comprises of 6 steps which are as follows-

Ø  Listening (It is of 30 mins with 10 questions each in four section)

Ø  Academic Reading (It is of 60 mins, there are three reading passages with a variety of questions with no. of task types).

Ø  General Training Reading (It is of 60 mins comprising of 3 sections. The First section contains two or three shorter texts, the second section will contain two texts and the third section will contain one long text.)

Ø  Academic Writing- (It is of 60 mins with two tasks given. In Task 1 you will be given graphs and diagrams to describe in your own word and in Task 2 you will have to write an essay in response to your point of view, argument or problem.

Ø  General Writing Training- (It is of 60 mins comprising of two tasks. In Task 1 you will be presented a situation and will be asked to write a requesting letter or explaining the situation. In Task 2 you will be asked to write an essay in response to your point of view or argument.

Ø  Speaking (It is of 11-14 mins in which you will be asked about yourself and given a topic to speak.

Study in Canada will be totally different experience one can encounter with different cultural and natural experiences. From the province of Manitoba to the ski slopes of British Columbia and cities like Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver with tolerant and multicultural environment. One can experience all these in one country.

There are several benefits to study in Canada such as-

·   You can earn while you learn as you can do 20 hours of work every week and a full-time job in summers.

·   There are several universities that provide scholarships so that students can have a high quality of education within a low budget.

·   Student can also experience multiculturalism from which they feel like they are at home and doesn’t feel lonely.

·   The Cost of living in Canada turns out to be very affordable as compared to US. And the average tuition fees and the annual cost of living turns out to be very low. And the average of (5-6) lakhs international students take admission in Canada every year.

International students are also interested in doing MBA in Canada because of good quality of education and students also get the opportunity to reach new heights in their career. And students also get the full value of the money which they have invested along with multiculturalism. So, students try to get the most from their international study experience. And the degree is also recognized by all the governments and employers around the world. MBA in Canada cost usually from $6000 all the way to $80,931. It all depends upon the individual’s scholarships and tuition fees which may vary from university to university.

For applying in various universities for study in Canada one should have a GPA of 3 on a scale of 4. As per Indian standards CGPA of (7-7.5).

There are several top universities of Canada as listed below-

Ø  Mcgill university located in Montreal.

Ø  University of Toronto located in Toronto.

Ø  University of Waterloo located in Waterloo.

Ø  Simon Fraser university located in Burnaby.

Ø  University of Calgary located in Calgary.

Ø  University of Alberta located in Edmonton.

Ø  York university located in Toronto.

Ø  Queen’s university located in Kingston.

Ø  University of Victoria located in Victoria.

Ø  Dalhousie university located in Halifax.

Ø  University of Windsor located in Windsor

Ø  University of Regina located in Regina.

More than 100,000 students choose to study MS in Canada in 2017 and the numbers are increasing year by year. To study MS in Canada, you just need to apply first in a Canadian university before applying for the study permit.


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