Pre-Departure Checklist For Studying In Canada

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Studying abroad is a big task in itself as one needs to get mentally prepared for the challenges that are going to come across the way. Prepare for accommodation or applying for a visa.

Studying in Canada is a dream for many young aspirants looking for new heights in their careers. As studying in Canada is much more affordable comparing to American universities and can enjoy a high quality of education in low budgets as some Canadian universities also give scholarships to students who are eligible for it.

Passport and visa are the most important things for studying abroad. As in the case of Canada you will need to get Canadian study permit. You don’t need a Canadian study permit if your programme is less than 6 months. Applying for a Canadian study permit costs CA$150.

Canadian study permit works as a student visa only for the duration of your stay. It’s a good idea to apply for Canadian study permit before going to studying in Canada because if you decide to continue your higher studies in other programmes you will need to leave Canada first and then and only you can apply through a visa office. And if you have a Canadian student permit you can apply within Canada if you decide to do higher studies.

You need to have your original documents applying for a Canadian student permit some of them are listed below-

  • Passport size photographs
  • Education certificates from matriculation
  • Tuition fee receipt
  • Medical receipt
  • IELTS report card (6.5 overall)
  • Valid Passport which should have an expiry date after your completion of course.
  • Unconditional offer letter
  • Proof of acceptance  by DLI (Designated Learning Institute)

And there are several documents which are required which vary from university to university. These can be looked into the university official sites only. And for obtaining a Canadian student visa there are several steps as follows-

  • First, obtain a letter of acceptance from a higher recognized education provider.
  • The next stage is to get an application package either from the Canadian embassy or the CIC website.
  • If you apply through the CIC website you will need to answer certain questions about yourself which will decide whether you will get Canadian student visa or not.
  • If you are eligible for permit than you will get checklist code which will be available for 60 days only. In that code, you will get an application guide and tuition fees and further next steps which will be required.
  • When you are fully prepared to create MYCIC account which will require your checklist code and then you will receive a personal document list which will require you to upload your all original documents as required.
  • Once you are done with your documents uploading and paid your fees you can now submit your application to CIC.
  • And some applicants need to go through an interview as well in their local visa office.

Overseas education consultants provide a big supportive role for students who are interested in studying overseas. Overseas education consultants provide help in various ways as listed below-

Selecting the University-

The main task is to select the university in which many students gets confused so consultants try to help the students by asking their interest and budget.

Admission Processing-

Consultants try to make the admission as fast as possible and tell the students which programme is better for them.

Education Loan-

Consultants try to tell the best option available to them and also help in getting loans and financial aid.

Statement For Purpose Preparation-

Consultants help the student to prepare an honest appealing and excellent SOP because they know the reason behind why you choose to study abroad.

Visa Processing-

Consultants also give detailed information for the visa process and also try to prepare for the interview and also provide the latest requirements and updates regarding visa.

Process After Getting Accepted-

Once the university enrolls and acceptance letter comes consultant tries to give you the information regarding lifestyle, accommodation and managing finance.

So consulting education consultants is a must before you make your decision to go abroad.

Doing MBA in Canada also gives you the opportunity to take your career to the new heights. Doing MBA in Canada is much more affordable compared to other foreign universities. And student also works while learning as Canadian government allows to work for 20 hours per week and full time in holidays and in summers. And the degree is also recognized by governments and employers all around the world. There are three phases of intakes like summer, winter, and fall.

Students can choose intakes in which they are interested in consulting their overseas education consultants. Usually, Indians prefer to fall intakes. And students may give the following exams if they are interested in studying abroad.

Ø  TOEFL(Test of English as a foreign language)

Ø  GRE(Graduate record exam)

Ø  IELTS(International English language testing system)

Ø  GMAT(General management aptitude test)

Before you start packing, check the baggage allowance on the flight you have booked yourself. In many cases, students are allowed additional baggage allowance at no additional cost, only by showing proof of college admission. You may need to make repack several times to ensure that your luggage is within the permitted weight and size. Keep your tickets, passports and visas, ID cards and whatever you need on the flight in a separate bag, easy to access.

Once you are fully prepared, make sure that you arrive at the airport well in advance.


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