Top-Ranked MBA Universities in Canada 2024 with Deadlines and Eligibility

Top MBA Universities in Canada

As we look ahead, Canada continues to emerge as a premier destination for MBA students around the world. Known for its diverse culture, high quality of life, and inclusive policies, Canada also boasts some of the top-ranked MBA programs globally. These programs offer a blend of world-class education, practical experience, and extensive networking opportunities, making them highly attractive to international students. This comprehensive guide will explore the top-ranked MBA universities in Canada for 2024, focusing on their unique features, fees, and what makes them stand out.


QS Global MBA Rankings 2023

University QS World University Ranking (2023) Location
University of Toronto 1 Toronto, Ontario
University of British Columbia 2 Vancouver, British Columbia
McGill University 3 Montreal, Quebec
University of Alberta 4 Edmonton, Alberta
University of Waterloo 5 Waterloo, Ontario
University of Western Ontario 6 London, Ontario
University of Calgary 7 Calgary, Alberta
Queen’s University 8 Kingston, Ontario
McMaster University 9 Hamilton, Ontario
Simon Fraser University 10 Burnaby, British Columbia

Best MBA Colleges in Canada

1. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Program Highlights:

  • Rotman’s MBA program is renowned for its integrative thinking approach and strong emphasis on problem-solving and leadership development.
  • It offers a Creative Destruction Lab for entrepreneurs and a wide range of specializations, including Brand Management and Global Management.

2024 Deadlines: Rotman typically has several rounds of application deadlines starting in October and running through April for international applicants.

Eligibility: A bachelor’s degree, GMAT/GRE score, minimum two years of work experience, and TOEFL/IELTS for non-native English speakers.

Fees: The total fee for the two-year program for international students is approximately CAD $120,680.

Unique Selling Point: Located in Canada’s financial and commercial heart, Rotman provides unparalleled access to a vast network of alumni and industry leaders.

2. Ivey Business School, Western University

Location: London, Ontario

Program Highlights:

  • Ivey stands out with its one-year MBA program, emphasizing case-based learning that covers real-world business challenges.
  • The program boasts a high post-graduation employment rate, with extensive career support and a global alumni network.

2024 Deadlines: Ivey offers a rolling admissions process, but international students are encouraged to apply by April for the September intake to allow time for visa processing.

Eligibility: Completion of a bachelor’s degree, GMAT/GRE score, two references, and demonstrated leadership potential through at least two years of work experience.

Fees: For international students, the program fee is around CAD $111,750 for the one-year MBA.

Unique Selling Point: Ivey’s Case-Method Learning provides immersive learning experiences, preparing students for leadership roles in various industries.

3. Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Program Highlights:

  • Sauder offers a 16-month MBA program with a Global Immersion Experience, which includes international consulting projects.
  • The program emphasizes innovation and entrepreneurship, supported by the Robert H. Lee Graduate School’s resources.

2024 Deadlines: Sauder’s application rounds typically close in January, April, and May for international students.

Eligibility: A four-year bachelor’s degree, GMAT/GRE score, minimum two years work experience preferred, and proof of English language proficiency if applicable.

Fees: The total program cost for international students is approximately CAD $85,761.

Unique Selling Point: Its Vancouver location offers a gateway to Asia-Pacific markets and startups, making it ideal for students interested in international trade and business.

4. Schulich School of Business, York University

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Program Highlights:

  • Schulich’s MBA program is customizable, offering over 20 specializations, including Business Analytics, Health Industry Management, and Real Estate and Infrastructure.
  • The program provides experiential learning opportunities, including consulting projects, internships, and exchange programs.

2024 Deadlines: Schulich has multiple rounds of deadlines, usually starting in September with final international deadlines in March.

Eligibility: Undergraduate degree, GMAT/GRE score, work experience recommended (but not required), and English proficiency test for non-native speakers.

Fees: For the full-time MBA program, international students can expect to pay around CAD $103,900.

Unique Selling Point: Its strong focus on sustainability and responsible business sets Schulich apart, aligning with global business trends toward ethical practices.

5. Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Program Highlights:

  • Desautels offers a two-year MBA program with a comprehensive curriculum that includes a summer internship and international study trips.
  • The program emphasizes a personalized learning experience with small class sizes and a collaborative environment.

2024 Deadlines: Application deadlines are typically set in November for the first round, with subsequent rounds in January and March.

Eligibility: A bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0, GMAT or GRE, TOEFL/IELTS for non-English speakers, and a minimum of two years work experience.

Fees: The estimated total cost for international students is around CAD $99,500.

Unique Selling Point: McGill’s global reputation and Montreal’s vibrant, multicultural setting offer a unique cultural and academic experience.

6. HEC Montréal

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Program Highlights:

  • HEC Montréal offers a one-year, bilingual (French and English) MBA program, recognized for its rigorous academic framework and practical approach.
  • The program includes a consulting field project, allowing students to work on real business issues.

2024 Deadlines: For the September intake, deadlines usually occur in January, March, and May.

Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree, GMAT/GRE score, at least three years of full-time work experience, and proficiency in English and/or French.

Fees: The program fees for international students are approximately CAD $49,000.

Unique Selling Point: As one of the few top-ranked bilingual MBA programs in Canada, HEC Montréal appeals to students looking to enhance their global business skills in both English and French.

7. Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Program Highlights:

  • The MBA program at Alberta School of Business focuses on innovation, entrepreneurship, and energy sector management, reflecting Alberta’s economic strengths.
  • It offers various experiential learning opportunities, including case competitions and consulting projects.

2024 Deadlines: Deadlines for international applicants are often set for March to ensure adequate processing time for visas.

Eligibility: An undergraduate degree, GMAT score of 550 or higher, English language proficiency, and two years of work experience preferred.

Fees: International students can expect to pay around CAD $57,309 for the full-time MBA program.

Unique Selling Point: Specializations in Natural Resources, Energy & Environment uniquely position Alberta MBA graduates for leadership in these critical sectors.

8. Smith School of Business, Queen’s University

Location: Kingston, Ontario

Program Highlights:

  • Smith’s MBA program is known for its team-based learning model and personalized coaching, offering a full-time MBA that can be completed in 12 months.
  • The program includes a comprehensive career advancement program, supporting students in achieving their professional goals.

2024 Deadlines: Smith has rolling admissions, but international students are advised to apply by March or April.

Eligibility: A bachelor’s degree from a recognized university, competitive GMAT/GRE scores, work experience is highly valued, and proficiency in English.

Fees: The total fee for international students is approximately CAD $99,500.

Unique Selling Point: Smith offers a diverse and inclusive environment with small class sizes, ensuring personalized attention and a supportive learning community.

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Fees For MBA Colleges in Canada

Fee for MBA Canada

What Makes Canadian MBA Programs Unique?

  • Global Perspective: Canadian MBA programs are recognized for their diverse cohorts, offering perspectives from around the world.
  • High Quality of Life: Canada’s cities consistently rank among the best places to live, providing a safe and vibrant environment for international students.
  • Work Opportunities: Post-graduation work permit programs in Canada allow international students to gain work experience in Canada after completing their MBA.

Eligibility and Application Process

  • Academic Requirements: A bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution is typically required, along with GMAT or GRE scores.
  • Language Proficiency: For non-native English speakers, TOEFL or IELTS scores are necessary to prove English proficiency. French proficiency might be required for bilingual programs.
  • Work Experience: Most programs value professional work experience, with many requiring a minimum number of years.


Applying for an MBA program in Canada in 2024 requires careful planning and preparation, especially for those looking to study abroad. Each institution has its own set of deadlines and eligibility criteria, emphasizing the need for prospective students to thoroughly research and tailor their applications accordingly. For international students, considering an MBA Study Abroad presents additional considerations such as visa requirements, cultural adaptation, and financial planning. However, with a strategic approach, you can navigate these challenges and position yourself as a strong candidate for these prestigious Canadian MBA programs. Embracing the opportunity to study abroad in Canada not only sets the stage for a transformative educational journey but also for a profound professional development experience in one of the world’s most dynamic business environments

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