Study in the USA without IELTS for Indian Students

IELTS Required

Study in the USA without IELTS is that even possible, some of the students might be thinking that whether it’s possible or not. Yes, studying in the USA without IELTS is possible. Students who want to pursue their education in the USA, they have many choices to choose from which course they want to do their studies.

Doing higher studies from a place like the USA has its own benefits, you get to learn new things because the teaching style is different everywhere. You meet different people, get to know them. You will learn new things about their culture their language. As in most of the countries like there is always something practical to know about, you get to know things you actually can use it in real life.

Doing study in USA gives a boost to the cv of the students. They get real life experiences which helps them in getting good jobs in the education sector.

How to Study in the USA without IELTS

There are certain things you should have to study in the USA without giving the IELTS exam.

1.English Proficiency letter:

The colleges in the USA will need an English Proficiency letter in order to get admission in their colleges. This letter states that the students have done his previous studies in an institution where the medium of speech was English. This will be valid if the institution is in the English language for at least 4 years minimum. Otherwise, the letter will not be valid.


Those students who want to study abroad in the USA had to give an exam like TOEFL. On bases of the scores of the TOEFL exam, the college or institute will decide whether to give admission or not. These exam criteria are not available in every college. There are some colleges in the USA that accepts students according to this criterion. There is a minimum score that is required to be accepted by the college. There are special colleges that take international students according to exam TOEFL

3. Special Programs:

There are some universities which provide special programs you need to join. They will make you attend the programme and you will get an English certificate. After completing the special English programme they will let you study the course you wanted to study. Through this, you can study in Canada. The downside to this type of programme is that you have to give more time in that programme and wait for your actual chosen program.

4. Native Language of your country should be English

Then you can easily get admission in the college and no need to give an exam. But you have to be fluent in the language to study in the USA. Even many colleges will ask you to not give the exam because of the native country.

5. Colleges and Universities

There are many colleges and universities where you can apply without IELTS exams. In these universities, you can apply directly and no need for any IELTS exam and pay the admission fee and you are good to go.

Here I have given some of those Universities and colleges which accepts students admissions for study in the USA without IELTS.

  • California State University
  • Drexel University
  • State University of New York
  • University of Arkansas
  • University of Dayton
  • University of Delaware
  • University of Iowa
  • University of Missouri

There are many study programs, for example- doing an MBA in the USA including the other famous courses. I have mentioned some of them below

  • Health Services in the USA
  • MBA in the USA
  • Biotechnology
  • Computer Science
  • Electronics
  • Parapsychology


Almost every student has the dream of studying in the USA, but due to financial issues people cannot study or conquer their dream. For this, there are special scholarships provided under different programs. These are given you might get one of these to study in the USA.

  1. Fullbright for international students
  2. Aga Khan foundation programme
  4. British Council IELTS

These scholarships are provided such that every student can live there Dream of studying abroad.

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