Why Ireland is a great study abroad destination?

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There are a lot of international students come from study abroad destination in Ireland. Every year there is an increase in the number of students from the last 10 years of studying abroad. From a poor European country to the wealthiest country in Europe. The increases in the global MNC’s and various international research centres. It is the home of the various famous travel destinations for a lot of people from across the globe.

Ireland is one of the beautiful places to study abroad in Europe filled with natural habitat around it. It’s a study abroad destination for a lot of people from around the world. Ireland is a place known for its immense history. Culture, adventure and full of entertainment. This place has given a lot of memories and great experiences for many people from around the world.

Top reasons for choosing Ireland as Study Abroad Destination

Education System in Ireland:

Ireland has one of the finest education systems in the whole of Europe. The education in Ireland ranked as 20th in world ranking according to the survey conducted in 2014. The art of teaching where students get to learn things that are helpful. The students in real life such that they can use in daily life work. The education system there provides children with the right to choose their interest. In the field according to their likings and such that they can pursue their career in this field.

Global Exposure:

Doing study abroad in Ireland gives you global exposure that you need in your life. Studying abroad will give you more to explore in your field. You will get to experience new things and will be able to meet new people. This will help you build more networks.

Scholarships for International Students

There are various scholarship programs under which students can get education for free. The Republic of Ireland had various programs under which students can get scholarships. According to different criteria provided by different Colleges and Universities. Dublin Institute in Ireland provides scholarship under the name of Centenary scholarship programme. This is given for all international students pursuing a master’s degree in Ireland.

Home for Big Leading MNC’s and Famous Research Centers:

Ireland is the home of many big leading MNC’s from around the world. The European centres for various big companies like Amazon, Facebook, Fed Ex, etc. Is situated in Ireland. Ireland is also known for the various famous research works that’s why Ireland has some of the famous research centres from around the world.

Low Costs:

The cost of doing your study in Ireland is not that high. Even though Dublin is a little bit expensive but compared to London, Paris and other European cities. Studying in Ireland is not going to rip your pockets. The government also provides various benefits to the students like reduced fares for travelling, free library access.

Do work while studying:

Studying in Ireland gives you the opportunity of working while studying there. This way you can manage your expenses and study as well. Even after completing your education in Ireland you get your visa extended and earn money that you spend on your Education.

Getting a Visa is Easy:

Applying for Visa in Ireland is also easy and there will be no difficulties for you. You just need to give an English Proficiency test like IELTS and TOEFL for getting admission in the colleges.

Work Opportunities:

Doing your MBA in Ireland or MS in Ireland or any other course. You will get many work opportunities in many big companies and will help you get good jobs there. This will also help you build more networks in the work industries. This will give your career a very big head start.

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