Top Reasons Why You Should Study in New Zealand

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If you are thinking whether New Zealand is the right country for you or not, we will give you the top reasons why you should Study in New Zealand. Every year many students come to New Zealand for pursuing their higher education. New Zealand is emerging as one of the global leaders in Education. It is also known as the paradise of the pacific. New Zealand is the first choice for international students as it provides quality higher education at friendly costs. Every year, there is a rise in the international students in New Zealand. You should experience the New Zealand study abroad adventure.

The top reasons to study abroad in New Zealand

You get to Study in the Top Universities and Colleges

  • New Zealand is the home of many top universities and colleges with international recognition. The qualifications that are required in New Zealand is highly recognized by the top employers from around the world. Here is the list of some of the top Universities in New Zealand with the world rankings.
    • The University of Auckland (Ranking 82nd in the world)
    • University of Otago (Ranking 151st in the world)
    • University of Canterbury (Ranking 214th in the world)
    • Victoria University of Wellington (Ranking 219th in the world)
    • University of Waikato (Ranking 292nd in the world)

Affordable Tuition Fees & Expenses:

  • Doing Education in New Zealand is not going to rip your pockets because it’s affordable and you can do your education without any problem. Doing study in New Zealand for Indian students is also beneficial due to its low costs and high-quality education. The cost of living in New Zealand is very cheap compared to other study abroad destinations like USA, UK, Canada, etc.

Tuition Fees for:

  • Undergraduate: It is around $18000 – $25000.
    • Post Graduate: It is around $25,000 – $40000.
  • Living Cost: It is around $12,000- $15,000.

The Quality Education System in New Zealand:

The education system in New Zealand is very different, it is based on the British education model which is quite effective. New Zealand offers quality education with advanced learning techniques and technology. The government there measures a quality check on the education system to ensure quality education to the students. Students get more practical knowledge of their subjects which help them in getting jobs in the industry.

Minimum requirements for getting Admission:

For getting Admission in New Zealand, students don’t have to go through the difficulties. There is a simple admission criterion for students even with low academic scores. There is another advantage under which students can pay the tuition fee later after getting the New Zealand Study Visa.

The required things you should have before getting Admission in Colleges:

  • Previous Academic Record
  • Application of Universities

Beautiful Country with Amazing people:

New Zealand is a beautiful country with various beautiful landscapes, the Great Mountains, Beautiful lakes, and high biodiversity. The people of New Zealand are also amazing with broad thinking and clear heads. You get to experience the various cultures and diversity of people there. The students will take many life-changing experiences that will go with them in their lives.

Students get to Study and Work:

Scholars get to study and earn as well while pursuing study in New Zealand. Students can manage their own expenses of living and they can even pay their tuition fees for next year by earning themselves. You get limited time to work according to the rules developed by the government.

Various Scholarships for students to study in New Zealand:

Various study abroad scholarships are provided to international students. It really helps students with low financial conditions to pursue their dreams of studying abroad.

 Here are some scholarships provided by Universities in New Zealand:


  • UC International First Year Scholarships
  • ADB Scholarships at University of Auckland
  • University of Otago International Research Masters Scholarships
  • Victoria Masters Scholarships
  • University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarships

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