Application Deadline for Fall 2024 Intake in Australia

Deadline for Fall 2024 Intake in Australia

Are you looking to study in Australia? Not sure which is the best University to seek admission in Australia? No need to worry anymore. We have mentioned a list of the best world-ranking Universities for you so that you can pursue an MBA in Australia. 

The admission for students seeking to study in Australia is conducted in two semesters. Many of the world ranking Universities offer access to international students in a trimester system.

The intakes for the trimester semester are mostly held in February, July, and in November. For the February intakes, the application deadline is October-November, whereas, for the July intake, the application deadline is April-May.

All the Universities offering admission in Australia do have their admission cycle for those planning to study in Australia; hence the application deadline 2024 might vary

The intakes available for those looking to study in Australia are mentioned below:

Semester 1: It commences in late February or early March to late May or early June.

Semester 2: It commences in late July or early August throughout November

Which is the best intake one can opt for?

Choosing the intake which is best for you can get a bit confusing. Consider considerations such as your desired curriculum quality, your academic records, admission test scores, acceptance rates, job opportunities, and your willingness to enter the program before making a decision.

While most Indian students choose the intake from July, the intake from February is equally suitable for some programs. If you don’t have your scorecards loaded, we say it is better to skip the rush and apply for the next intake.

To make a very well-informed decision, you can book a free counseling session with our professional counselors who can educate you about available intakes, selection of courses, submission of applications, and visa procedure.

If you’re concerned with the best intake to choose from in Australia, here’s some clarification for you. As described before, February that is also known as Semester 1, is Australia’s primary intake, and all the universities provide lots of courses during the February intake. The Universities will also be offering courses in July, and if you miss admission in February by anyway, July is an alternative. There are also intakes for October / November, but a handful of universities only offers them, and the courses offered in them are too small.

Many universities have the application year-round, in which you can apply any time of year, but the choices are also chosen there. 

Below is a list of top world-ranking universities in Australia and the courses available for them in 2022 along with with the application deadlines 2024.

Always bear in mind, these are general deadlines, and they’ll vary for different courses for several universities. The simplest way to be prepared on time is to verify the defined course deadlines before determining the course and University. Those are for general reference only.

The details about the February Intake into Australia 2024 are mentioned below:

If you’ve decided to study in Australia and do not know where to begin, then you are in the right place. Another important thing when considering studying abroad is intake. Australian colleges have two intakes; the February intake is the larger of the two, allowing international students to study in Australia. Here’s the timeline you can follow for February intake at Study in Australia.

Step 1

Many universities in Australia have first come first serve the admission process for international students. You will start as early as possible on the intake in Australia for February. Keep in mind the deadlines that vary from University to University, as not every college or university in Australia has a fixed time limit.

Before that, the Universities you wish to apply for are shortlisted. Choose the courses that most suit you according to your career goals, academic goals, and study area. Review the application forms and specifications on the University web site.

Step 2 – Appear for exams between September to October

Consult the English Language specifications of the University of Australia. You’ll find the admission requirements and exams you need to take on the University web site.

You have to book the test a lot earlier for competitive examinations like GMAT and GRE than for English Language Proficiency Tests like IELTS and TOEFL.

In any event, it is essential to appear three months before for exams, as you may need to retake the test.

The details about the July Intake into Australia 2024 are mentioned below:

Step 1

Start with the Universities to Study in Australia shortlist for July Intake. Choose the Australian courses and colleges you wish to attend. Based on your academic requirements, choose the course that best suits you. It is also necessary to go through the specifics of the course and the conditions for eligibility.

Numerous universities in Australia will have different application deadlines in Australia for the intake in July. And make sure you know the application deadline for the course you are applying for and the School.

Step 2: Answer the exams between December to February

In addition to the general requirements in academia, specific language skills will be required of Australian universities for admission. The assessments needed are usually IELTS and TOEFL, and sometimes PTE, as the Australian government requires PTE for immigration purposes. The GRE and GMAT are the Professional and Competitive entry tests for students who are willing to study MBA in Australia and MS in Australia.

The Universities in Australia quality criteria can be found on the University websites.

Step 3: Apply into the Universities between February to March

Once you have the University shortlisted and all the documents are set, now is the time to apply for the Australian Universities. You will go through all the admission requirements and eligibility criteria for your particular course and University as stated above.

The Applications are typically posted individually on websites of the University. The other specifications will be SOP (purpose statement) and LOR (recommendation letters), along with assessments and transcripts.

Start writing a month before the application is submitted for your SOP, and contact your LOR managers and professors. The aim is just to put you in a good light and highlight your application in the crowd.

If you have plans to study in Australia and aspire for studying abroad then do proper research on the same and seek admission in Australia in the World ranking Universities.

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